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Lets us start with a formal introduction then we will further proceed with different daily life resources as well as business/marketing/advertisement/designs/web page development/seo/sem etc.

divergent is a Japanese company located in peaceful and central heart of Tokyo.

divergent acts as a multiple platform for business perspectives as it deals with different services sush as: Ad agency,Sales agency, IT Infrastructure, Web system development, SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimisation/Search Engine Marketing) etc.

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It was founded and established in february 20, 2012 with a capital of ¥10,000,000 by a young Japanese business man Mr.Ono Taiki.

Its located in central Tokyo:

Tokyo Nakasato
27 Kagurazaka
First Building 5F

Company info advertising and promoting agency

divergent hires and recruit engineers and co-workers from different country to meetup the customer demands and provide the quality resolution on time.

Employee working hours:

Weekdays: 10:00 to 20:00 (Including Breaks)
Saturday and National holidays: 13:00~18:00 (Including Breaks)
Sunday: Holiday

Tel: +81-3-6265-3326
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You can call anytime during working hours else shoot us an email during off hours. We will be in touch with you soon.


Email marketing system and its role in business


What is email marketing system and What are its role?

Email marketing is a process of communicating with multiple users or a group of users through an electronic mail (email). DM (Direct Mail) is one of the popular method of email marketing system. Email marketing system completes its revolution by sending different business messages to the users with a help of an email.

With regards to the communication, email could be sent with different contents such as advertisement emails, business proposal emails, newsletter, business updates, promotional messages, greetings etc.

There are various tools that provides an email marketing solutions. The tools are available as free as well as paid services. Based on the unique and advance features, the tools are categorised as paid or unpaid by the owners. Most common features of the email marketing solutions tool should be:

1. User Friendly
2. Multiple Language Support
3. Reasonable and affordable cost to operate
4. Should provide users with multiple demos, templates and Knowledge bases
5. Robotic with unlimited broadcasts and features
6. Should give all the tracking details to end users
7. Support different formats while importing and exporting mails/ subscribers
8. Maintain and update the database with proper tracking of subscribes/ unsubscribes/ clicked links then generate a detail report
9. Confirm the status of email monitoring (opened/ undelivered/ delivered successfully) and flexible to sign in from popular websites.
10. Able to filter the repeated mails/ids
11. Email Scheduler/routing and Automation System
12. Supports multiple plugins and social medias

Apart from the above mentioned features there are many more features that an email marketing solution should possess. However, the services are available based on the payment method.

Email marketing is also popular as one of the most cost effective system that communicates between a business and a customers/clients/members.
With a good email marketing there exits a good public relationship between any business and its clients. Email marketing plays a major role from a small to a large scale business.

Its not mandatorily necessary for one to have a website for the purpose of email marketing. The business can be easily conducted through different communication medium such as emails, replying customers email, newsletters, promotional mail, telephone, fax, personal visit, letter, banner advertisement etc.

There are some procedures that makes an email marketing system more realistic and powerful to develop a public relationship. Its a best practice to follow such beneficial idea during the context of email marketing.

1. Don’t rush to make customers. At first make people know about your product in detail and provide an environment that customer subscribes to your mailing list only after reading and understanding your business and its policy. It helps to make a long term customer.

2. Make sure that your information on an email reflects your business and its brand. It means that your email should be very informative with alphabetically and syntactically correct. Compose an email with your identification, purpose of sending an email, Be relevant and concise with all the promotional values with effective images and resources so as to get a response from your reader.

How to unlink Facebook and twitter?

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A very basic and common question in todays topic. Even it seems to be simple however, I received multiple emails from different readers on How to Unsync facebook and Twitter Account?

Here is a very simple step to exercise on this with an image to ease the procedure.

Ans: Login to your Facebook using your correct User Id. and Password.

Its just 3 basic steps.

  1. Open the link https://www.facebook.com/twitter/ on the next tab of your browser.
  2. You will get an option Edit/Unlink from twitter
  3. Proceed as per your convenience either totally unlink or edit the settings by (checking and unchecking). Click on Save Changes.

We are Done.

Thank You.Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 15


Facebook Apologizes for “Year in Review” Posts

Facebook Apologizes for “Year in Review” Posts

Facebook’s new year-end feature didn’t roll out as smoothly as planned.

The social networking site has apologized after at least one person complained that its automatically generated “Year in Review” posts brought up bad memories. The app compiles users’ photos from 2014 and adds the caption, “It’s been a great year! Thanks for being a part of it.”

Web design consultant and writer Eric Meyer, who lost his daughter to brain cancer earlier this year on her sixth birthday, wrote a blog post addressing the fact that the preview for his “Year in Review” post featured her photo, along with clip art of figures enjoying festivities.

For those of us who lived through the death of loved ones, or spent extended time in the hospital, or were hit by divorce or losing a job or any one of a hundred crises, we might not want another look at this past year,” Meyer wrote Dec. 24.

Jonathan Gheller, product manager for the “Year in Review” app told to the source that he reached out to Meyer to apologise on behalf on the company for causing him pain.

The app was awesome for a lot of people, but clearly in this case we brought him grief rather than joy,” Gheller said. He added that Facebook’s team would take Gheller’s concerns into account for next time.



Source: Hollywood Reporter.

What are LINKS and its affect in SEO

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Today I came up with a very basic topic with regards to “SEO LINKS” demand which I will demonstrate on part to part basis. I have gone through different books and various links thus concluded that everyone in process of SEO struggles for link and only link which is nothing but a BACKLINK.

Most of the site tries to give some (20-30%) basic information and finally ends up with a small ad. or a link that takes us to pay money for backlinks which is against any search engines and this may be referred to as spam technology rather than back linking for SEO.

We should possess a patience and ask ourself ” If they can, then why can’t we? “. Yes, we can have a very qualitative and quantitive backlinks with our hard as well as smart work. There are multiple ways of doing backlink which we will discuss later in detail.

“The best way which I realised is to read the related blogs/websites with similar related keywords/contents and be a regular reader of that blog/website for updates which motivates you to post your valuable feedback/suggestion on the topic so that you will be able to make a perfect backlink and vice-versa.”

What are Links? Its a Link for an Advertising Agency

The term “link” is self defined. It is a channel which help us to jump/move from one web document to another web document/section/page. In other terms its a media which hyperlinks from one section to the another section. It helps us to travel from a source webpage to the destination webpage. The links are called hyperlink in technical terms as they represents the link stored in a meta form.

Google smartly implemented the link in its algorithm which resulted the link in demand and thus the concept of page rank evolved. The higher the links on your web page the topper is you. However, this concept is no more reliable these days as it has been optimised and the algorithm has been updated multiple times with various intelligence and semantic techniques.

Today,if you have higher amount of unreliable, spam and weak links there might be a chances that you will be on the last position of search engine page rank.

Where exactly the link demonstrates its exact value then..??

==> I am ready with my answer however, I would like to know your suggestions/feedbacks. I will immediately be back once I get a single answer.


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Let me share todays experience with everyone.

Today, I participated in a blog named “SEARCH ENGINE ROUND TABLE” the round table query was about SEO: Search Engine Optimisation and the question was “Whether google should retire the “nofollow” attribute …? “ There were multiple answers from various Professionals however, I voted my opinion in the blog as below.

From a basic term what exactly a nofollow tag represents ..?

It informs the search engines just not to follow a particular hyperLink which results in ignoring the specified link thus zero value in the algorithm series. However, in case of internal links its beneficial to allow google to crawl the entire site by disabling the nofollow so as to let the Googlebot to find the particular page easily which also helps in the page rank flow.

As per my professional experience, I believe its a good practice to use nofollow tag for websites and blogs so as to discard the Links from an external sources which results in preventing the spammers to get any optimisation advantages from your website. We should be aware that “Links” possess value and we should respect the value of the link for better ranking.

In the field of marketing / business the Word “Competition” plays a major role. Now its up to you whether to help you Competitor with Similar keywords to climb on top or to remain below you. So its upon you whether to put “nofollow tag” or not 🙂

I Observed the topic is good enough to discuss as it plays a vital role in the field of SEO today. Kindly update your Ideas / Suggestions / experiences so That we can share various experiences to conclude for the great and qualitative results.



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