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Let me share todays experience with everyone.

Today, I participated in a blog named “SEARCH ENGINE ROUND TABLE” the round table query was about SEO: Search Engine Optimisation and the question was “Whether google should retire the “nofollow” attribute …? “ There were multiple answers from various Professionals however, I voted my opinion in the blog as below.

From a basic term what exactly a nofollow tag represents ..?

It informs the search engines just not to follow a particular hyperLink which results in ignoring the specified link thus zero value in the algorithm series. However, in case of internal links its beneficial to allow google to crawl the entire site by disabling the nofollow so as to let the Googlebot to find the particular page easily which also helps in the page rank flow.

As per my professional experience, I believe its a good practice to use nofollow tag for websites and blogs so as to discard the Links from an external sources which results in preventing the spammers to get any optimisation advantages from your website. We should be aware that “Links” possess value and we should respect the value of the link for better ranking.

In the field of marketing / business the Word “Competition” plays a major role. Now its up to you whether to help you Competitor with Similar keywords to climb on top or to remain below you. So its upon you whether to put “nofollow tag” or not 🙂

I Observed the topic is good enough to discuss as it plays a vital role in the field of SEO today. Kindly update your Ideas / Suggestions / experiences so That we can share various experiences to conclude for the great and qualitative results.



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