What are LINKS and its affect in SEO

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Today I came up with a very basic topic with regards to “SEO LINKS” demand which I will demonstrate on part to part basis. I have gone through different books and various links thus concluded that everyone in process of SEO struggles for link and only link which is nothing but a BACKLINK.

Most of the site tries to give some (20-30%) basic information and finally ends up with a small ad. or a link that takes us to pay money for backlinks which is against any search engines and this may be referred to as spam technology rather than back linking for SEO.

We should possess a patience and ask ourself ” If they can, then why can’t we? “. Yes, we can have a very qualitative and quantitive backlinks with our hard as well as smart work. There are multiple ways of doing backlink which we will discuss later in detail.

“The best way which I realised is to read the related blogs/websites with similar related keywords/contents and be a regular reader of that blog/website for updates which motivates you to post your valuable feedback/suggestion on the topic so that you will be able to make a perfect backlink and vice-versa.”

What are Links? Its a Link for an Advertising Agency

The term “link” is self defined. It is a channel which help us to jump/move from one web document to another web document/section/page. In other terms its a media which hyperlinks from one section to the another section. It helps us to travel from a source webpage to the destination webpage. The links are called hyperlink in technical terms as they represents the link stored in a meta form.

Google smartly implemented the link in its algorithm which resulted the link in demand and thus the concept of page rank evolved. The higher the links on your web page the topper is you. However, this concept is no more reliable these days as it has been optimised and the algorithm has been updated multiple times with various intelligence and semantic techniques.

Today,if you have higher amount of unreliable, spam and weak links there might be a chances that you will be on the last position of search engine page rank.

Where exactly the link demonstrates its exact value then..??

==> I am ready with my answer however, I would like to know your suggestions/feedbacks. I will immediately be back once I get a single answer.


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