Email marketing system and its role in business


What is email marketing system and What are its role?

Email marketing is a process of communicating with multiple users or a group of users through an electronic mail (email). DM (Direct Mail) is one of the popular method of email marketing system. Email marketing system completes its revolution by sending different business messages to the users with a help of an email.

With regards to the communication, email could be sent with different contents such as advertisement emails, business proposal emails, newsletter, business updates, promotional messages, greetings etc.

There are various tools that provides an email marketing solutions. The tools are available as free as well as paid services. Based on the unique and advance features, the tools are categorised as paid or unpaid by the owners. Most common features of the email marketing solutions tool should be:

1. User Friendly
2. Multiple Language Support
3. Reasonable and affordable cost to operate
4. Should provide users with multiple demos, templates and Knowledge bases
5. Robotic with unlimited broadcasts and features
6. Should give all the tracking details to end users
7. Support different formats while importing and exporting mails/ subscribers
8. Maintain and update the database with proper tracking of subscribes/ unsubscribes/ clicked links then generate a detail report
9. Confirm the status of email monitoring (opened/ undelivered/ delivered successfully) and flexible to sign in from popular websites.
10. Able to filter the repeated mails/ids
11. Email Scheduler/routing and Automation System
12. Supports multiple plugins and social medias

Apart from the above mentioned features there are many more features that an email marketing solution should possess. However, the services are available based on the payment method.

Email marketing is also popular as one of the most cost effective system that communicates between a business and a customers/clients/members.
With a good email marketing there exits a good public relationship between any business and its clients. Email marketing plays a major role from a small to a large scale business.

Its not mandatorily necessary for one to have a website for the purpose of email marketing. The business can be easily conducted through different communication medium such as emails, replying customers email, newsletters, promotional mail, telephone, fax, personal visit, letter, banner advertisement etc.

There are some procedures that makes an email marketing system more realistic and powerful to develop a public relationship. Its a best practice to follow such beneficial idea during the context of email marketing.

1. Don’t rush to make customers. At first make people know about your product in detail and provide an environment that customer subscribes to your mailing list only after reading and understanding your business and its policy. It helps to make a long term customer.

2. Make sure that your information on an email reflects your business and its brand. It means that your email should be very informative with alphabetically and syntactically correct. Compose an email with your identification, purpose of sending an email, Be relevant and concise with all the promotional values with effective images and resources so as to get a response from your reader.

3. Provide an option to the user for an action such as contact information, phone numbers, link to click on that important part, reply immediately etc.

4. The subject line plays a major role, People don’t have time to go through your email rather they just click the delete button if your subject is uninteresting or doesn’t gives any sense. Make sure that the subject is very informative and people should feel its newsworthy.

5. Limit your frequency of sending the same email multiple times a week. It irritates your customer. After few attempts they stop to read your emails and they even don’t bother to stay being your customer. You should realise that you only forced them to click the unsubscribe option.

6. Its a better practice to provide an option for the customer to leave a feedback.

7. One of the safety process in email marketing is to use an email marketing service which is registered to your business and not an individual personal email. Normally an individual email client has a limitation of sending an email based on per hour etc as well as a limitation for number of recipients at a time. Hence, its a better practice to use an email marketing service.




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